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great 3 Prog. Behold, my children, what I leave to you as a heritage: have charity, guard humility, AND make your treasure OUT OF voluntary poverty." The brethren were overwhelmed with affliction, and in the hopes that some relief might be afforded by removing him to a more. This attack was repulsed, but was followed by a storm of stones and arrows directed on the quarters which were occupied by the prelates. As to the cells of the brethren, the poverty he enjoined was absolute : a little cane bedstead and a miserable bench were the only furniture he allowed. This tomb was closed in by another great stone, also carefully cemented, " and thus was laid to rest this treasure, more precious than gold, purer than silver, and nobler than all imaginable jewels." Cardinal Ugolino himself wrote the epitaph which was placed over the. Dominic himself, in the church. But another trouble arose about the same time from a quarter whence it was least expected. 193 above event, there might be painted on his tomb the representation of a flower-garden, wherein should appear the angels with their thuribles and the doves with their golden crosses. Standing before the table are two angels, only their heads and wings being now discernible. No doubt among those who were acquainted with the particulars of his former life, there were plenty to whom it seemed a kind of miracle, that a man who used to have at his command a splendid dwelling, numerous servants, and all the appliances.


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Sernin, at Toulouse, whither it was removed from the house of the Inquisition in 1791. The Father heard her confession, said Mass and gave her Communion, after which, returning to her prayers, she saw. There was but one means for averting this result, and that was the enforcement of the Evangelical law of poverty, and hence the saint rested not till he had obtained the consent of the Chapter to its acceptance. Meanwhile in the preparation which he made for this dispersion of his children, he showed how great was his anxiety for the preservation among them of the observance and spirit of their he convent of Toulouse he designed to be the model which was. Sixtus, and the community was fed by the hands of angels. One day, having travelled far without taking any refreshment, they became weary and exhausted. 8 HIS studies AT palencia. Do not neglect vigils and disciplines, and let all be obedient to the prioress. Even in the wholesale proceedings of the Crusaders it appears certain that the capital punishment was inflicted massage erotique st malo video massage integral only on the impenitent members of the first class, whose numbers were comparatively insignificant. But the saint encouraged him sweetly, saying, " Go with confidence, my son, for the Lord will be with you, and will put the word of preaching into your mouth." He obeyed therefore, and went to Placentia, where he preached with so much success that. There are his valiant comrades bringing back the wondrous weapon. The very men who appear at one time among their staunch supporters are to be found at another among the ranks of their opponents. Small, and in 1204 they were replaced by Peter of Castelnau and the monk Rodolph, to whom was afterwards added Arnold, Abbot of Citeaux. One of these was the gallant knight, Nugno de Guzman, who took part in the siege of Toledo, when that city was recovered from the Moors by Alphonsus. Bartholomew of Trent, a contemporary of Blessed Jordan of Saxony, also speaks of the same devotion, and relates an anecdote of one religious named Sister Eulalia, who, being very devout to the Blessed Virgin, recited every day one hundred and fifty Angelic Salutations in her. Arrived at Canterbury some time in the month of June, where / the archbishop, Stephen Langton, was then residing. Whilst some, therefore, did not shrink from openly joining their ranks, a yet greater number contented themselves with secretly en- couraging them, in the seeming persuasion that they could turn the general state of disorder and revolution to their own advantage without absolutely committing themselves.


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